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Where to find us

240 W. Foothill Boulevard
Claremont CA 91711
(909) 399 9276

Sunday-Monday Closed or Classes only

Tuesday 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Wednesday-Friday 10:30am - 5pm 

Saturday 10am - 3pm

Bourgee Boutique (pronounced boo-zhee) is a fine yarn store located in Southern California. Just what is the meaning of our store name? Well, Bourgee has been shortened from the word bourgeoise. It arose in medieval France around 1794. The word bourgeoise ('burzh-waz or 'buhz-waz) usually referred to women of middle class.

Bourgeoisie referred to the social order of citizens. The townspeople that referred to themselves as such practiced arts & crafts and occupied an intermediate position in the economic and social scale between the rural landlords and peasantry.

We thought it might be fun to add a new millennium twist on the term and created Bourgee. People should get back to feeling like Divas and Queens about ourselves (Kings too!)

Our cozy shop opened in February 2002 and continues to grow everyday. Our number one priority is customer service.

We will be happy to do yarn searches or whatever you need. You can also just stop by to just sit and knit, say hello or just rest. We're always happy to see you.

Take time to relax, enjoy life and GET BOURGEE! (BOOGHEE)